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Table 1 Empirical fit of items measuring vocational identity

From: Promoting workforce excellence: formation and relevance of vocational identity for vocational educational training

  1. Vocational identity 2. Workplace identity 3. Workplace effort
  (r2 = .59; α = .83) (r2 = .71; α = .90) (r2 = .55; α = .71)
I am proud of my vocation. (Blau [1988]) .81   
I deeply enjoy my vocation. .81   
My vocation fits me. (Carson and Bedeian [1994]). .80   
My vocation is an integral part of who I am. (Carson and Bedeian [1994]). .73   
I am highly devoted to my vocation. .69   
I am proud to work for this company.   .88  
I deeply enjoy working in my company.   .86  
My company fits me.   .85  
My company applies to my ideas of a “good” company.   .82  
My company feels a little like a home to me (Heinemann and Rauner [2008]).   .80  
I put in effort so that my work contributes to the success of my company.    .78
I habitually think about how to change my work in a way to make it more efficient or of higher quality (Heinemann and Rauner [2008]).    .74
I consider the consequences for my company that my actions might entail.    .73
I want to contribute to decisions about my work (Heinemann and Rauner [2008]).    .72