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Table 1 School leaving certificates at the end of the school career (in percent)

From: Transitions into vocational education and training by lower and intermediate secondary school leavers. Can male adolescents compensate for their school-based educational disadvantage in comparison with female adolescents?

School leaving certificate Male adolescents Female adolescents
No lower secondary school leaving certificate 5 5
Lower secondary school leaving certificate 29 21
Intermediate school leaving certificate 38 34
Qualification for higher education 28 40
Total 100 100
  1. Pearson’s Chi squared test: χ2(3) = 85.74, p = .000 (two-sided test, unweighted sample)
  2. Basis Young adults born between 1987 and 1993 whose school career ended no later than the end of 2010 (weighted results; unweighted sample size = 4213)