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Table 5 Interview objectives and questions for developing and adapting the computer-based test.

From: Challenges of a cross-national computer-based test adaptation

  Interview objectives (selection) by Achtenhagen and Winther (2009) Additional interview objectives for this adaptation study
Questions describing the workplace What are three typical tasks in everyday work?
What documents are indispensable to the department?
What are the work steps of those tasks?
What data are received and forwarded?
How often are those tasks performed, and how much time do they require?
Same questions as on the left and:
Are there additional tasks that apprentices must complete that are not part of their main tasks?
Questions evaluating the job situation (computer-based task) How realistic do you deem the presented situation is in your everyday working life or in your apprentices’ everyday working lives?
To what extent must the characteristics of the situation be changed to make them more realistic?
What type of situation would represent your daily work more realistically?
Same questions as on the left and:
How must the following characteristics be changed to make them more realistic for the Swiss context: opening question, implied work steps, required and useful tools and documents, work results, other matters?
In which year of the apprenticeship do you typically teach that situation?