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Table 1 Key activities from project commencement (Sept. 2014) to project end (Aug. 2017)

From: Supporting change in VET: teachers’ professional development and ECVET learner mobility

Timeline Key activity Description
Sept. 2014–Jan. 2015 CPD needs analysis and état des lieux CPD needs analysis based on various data collection activities in each of the five countries, including the focus group interview of six Irish VET teachers, which provides the data for this paper; also an ‘état des lieux ‘of ECVET implementation in Europe
Nov. 2015 CPD event #1 Week-long CPD event for 25 teachers; 5 teachers from each of the five QUAKE countries, held in Orléans
Jan. 2016–end CPD online Online CPD programme for teachers to advance preparation for learner mobility, share resources, etc.
May 2016–July 2017 Learner mobility VET teachers prepare and implement learner mobilities between five countries
March 2017 CPD event #2 Further professional development; review of the mobilities; planning for future collaborations; attended by 25 teachers; held in Bruxelles