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Table 1 Mean and SD values for the items of the teachers’ learning activities subscale

From: Hungarian vocational education teachers’ views on their pedagogical knowledge and the information sources suitable for their professional development

Item Mean SD
For the conduct of our jobs, the members of my team need information from each other 4.51 .73
We agree on what quality represents for our team 3.60 .92
I can remain calm when confronted with difficulties in my work because I know that I can fall back on my competences 4.08 .77
Teachers can learn from each other by means of attending and observing each other’s lessons 4.17 .87
I compare my performance with how I performed 1 year ago 4.27 .82
It is clear to me how my work fits the aims of my institution 4.31 .83
My colleagues listen to my pedagogical experiences 4.03 .87
My institution supports my participation in in-service teacher training programs 4.15 1.08