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Table 3 Mean numbers of recipes developed, pictures included, ideal picture inserted, and recipes with an answer to at least one of the prompts presented in the learning journal at the end of the training and half-way through it

From: What makes an online learning journal powerful for VET? Distinguishing productive usage patterns and effective learning strategies

  Half way into the training End of training Mean ratio
Number of recipes 37.40 2.36 113.83 3.66 .34
Number of pictures 13.17 1.69 91.77 7.78 .18
Number of recipes with ideal pictures 6.39 .88 57.11 3.16 .14
Number of recipes with answers to prompts 23.24 25.35 77.97 31.58 .20
  1. The ratio indicates which proportion of the given feature was already completed halfway through training