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Table 6 KldB 2010, one-digit

From: Vocational training choice from a regional perspective

Category KldB 2010 Description
Agriculture 1 Occupations in agriculture, forestry, fishery and gardening
Production 2 Occupations in production of raw material, processing and manufacturing
Construction 3 Occupations in construction and related activities
Science 4 Occupations in science, geography and informatics
Logistics 5 Occupations in logistics, transportation and security
Trade 6 Occupations in trade and tourism
Clerical 7 Occupations in company organization, accounting, administration and law
Social services 8 Occupations in human health and social activities, education
Cultural Services 9 Occupations in linguistic, literature, social science, economics, media relations, cultural and art services
  1. Data source: Bundesagentur für Arbeit (2011)