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Table 9 Variables in the NEPS data and their description

From: Vocational training choice from a regional perspective

Variable Question Description
Vocational training In which job have you been doing this vocational training /are you doing this vocational training right now? Please specify the exact name for instance how it is stated in your training contract 1 Agriculture
2 Production
3 Construction
4 Science
5 Logistics
6 Trade
7 Clerical
8 Social services
Gender Are you…male?…female? 0 Male
1 Female
Migration background In what country was your mother born? In what country was your father born? 0 Germany
1 Not Germany
School degree Which school-leaving certificate did you obtain? 0 Lower secondary school degree
1 Intermediate secondary school degree
Overall grade What was the approximate overall grade on your graduation certificate for this school-leaving certificate? School grades from 1 to 6
Mobility Would you move to another town for an apprenticeship?
(1) No; (2) Yes, but only in the near vicinity; (3) Yes, throughout Germany;
(4) Yes, also abroad
0 Immobile (1,2)
1 Mobile (3,4)
Information vocational training position The following questions are about the people in your life, whether you know them well or not. Imagine you are looking for a vocational training position. How likely is it that people in your life would let you know about interesting open vocational training positions? 0 Unlikely
1 Likely
Household income (1)What is your monthly household income? Please give the net amount, after deduction of all taxed and social security contributions. Please include regular payments received such as pensions, housing assistance, parental and children benefits, BAFöG, support payments, unemployment etc
(2) Does your monthly household income amount to less than EUR 1,500., EUR 1,500 to 3000, or more than EUR 3,000?
1 Less than 1,500€
2 1,500 to 3,000€
3 More than 3,000€
Household size How many persons normally live in your home-yourself included?  ≥  1
Persons under 14 in the household How many of these people are under 14 years of age?  ≥  0
Occupational Preferences
 Comfort and economic aspects, social orientation Below we have listed some things that could be important aspects of a job or trade. How important are these things for your personally, regardless of your current situation? Please answer on a scale from 1 to 6. `1 ‘ means that this aspect is very unimportant to you. `6 ‘ means that it is very important to you. You can use the number in between to indicate the degree of importance. How important is it to you….?  
 Comfort aspects Items: (1) pleasant working hours, (2) good work environment (such as lighting, temperature, cleanliness, low noise levels) Overall score from 0 to 6
 Economic aspects Items: (1): good chances to advance professionally,(2) high job security, (3) good pay Overall score from 0 to 6
 Social orientation Items: (1) work that of use to society, (2) opportunity to help others, (3) the feeling of doing something meaningful Overall score from 0 to 6
  1. Data source: NEPS, SC4