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Table 2 Characteristics of the German computer-based test for measuring commercial competence of industrial clerks.

From: Challenges of a cross-national computer-based test adaptation

Target group of original test Industrial clerks at the end of their VET
Often with upper-secondary level qualification
Test scope Test of commercial VET in Germany
Industrial clerks
Realistic and authentic work tasks
Contents Business processes
Task 1: sales
Task 2: purchases
Task 3: production
Construct definition Vocational competence in the field of business and administration and in particular domain-specific knowledge and skills
IT components Computer-based test requiring the following
Internet browser
System programs (e.g., Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Media Player)
Hardware for audio and video playback (e.g., headphones)
Program code
Test development A structured content analysis of official guidelines (e.g., vocational training regulations, framework curriculum, educational textbooks)
Observations and interviews at workplaces of selected businesses
Analyses of students’ record books and of interviews
Interviews with experts
Relevant test components Competence of developers
Process of test development
Evidence for reliability/validity
Test modification
Test manual/test administrator manual
Administration guidelines
Scoring rules
Score interpretation
Norm tables
Test application Sample size N = 264 apprentices/N = 7 schools
Implementation at one single measurement point at the end of the apprenticeship
No test time limit, between 4 and 5 h
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