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Table 1 Instruments used to record relevant predictors (Rudeloff 2019)

From: The influence of informal learning opportunities on adolescents’ financial literacy

Construct Origin of the instrument used
Testing effort Adaptation from PISA 2003 (Ramm et al. 2006)
Emotion Adaptation of the PANAS scale by Breyer and Bluemke (2016)
Motivation Adaptation by Prenzel et al. (1996)
Settings about money Adaptation by Barry (2014)
Economic interest Adaptation of Winther (2006)
Self-assessment In-house development
Self-efficacy Adaptation of Jerusalem and Schwarzer (1999)
Financial socialization by parents Adaptation of Rosendorfer (2000) and in-house development
Personal and socio-economic factors Gender, year of birth, nationality, country of birth, mother tongue, grades, possession of checking or savings account, receipt of pocket money, parents’ country of birth, spoken language in private household, number of books in parents’ house, intended school completion certificate, type of school attended, parents’ school completion certificate